Celebrating Teej with Women Traffic Officers

Leo Club of Kathmandu Kohinoor is on the phase to celebrate 4th Charter Day on 18th September, 2023. Since our Charter Day falls on the day of Teej, a day when we’d like to focus on cherishing womanhood.

As part of our celebration, we’re planning to distribute small Teej kits to all together 30 female traffic personnel and Police personnel who work diligently even under the scorching sun, often while managing traffic. As this is a special day for women in our society, we should show our appreciation in any way we can. Regardless of the festival, our female traffic officers remain committed to their duties and responsibilities.

We would like to thank UG Cakes, Bakers Hub Nepal and Columbus Chocolate for your support. We were able to put a smile on their face with your help in our initiative.

And Thus, marking our charter day we are committed to carrying out this initiative today itself.


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