2nd All Members Check-In & Fun Session

On 24th July, Leo Club of Kathmandu Kohinoor virtually organized its second Fun session for all the club members which was facilitated by our second vice president Leo Merina Silwal and our secretary Leo Aagya Shrestha.

With the objective of building connection and rapport while having fun, the session consisted of lots of easy and fun games along with some insightful activities.

To know more about the members along with their interest, the introduction session was conducted in a different way where the members described themselves on the basis of their favorite books, movies, songs or quotes. We also played different games to help the members feel relaxed and open up. A gratitude activity “Rose, thorn and bud” was also conducted to help the members reflect upon their past experiences and boost positivity in their life. As it was Teacher’s day as well, we conducted an experience sharing session with the theme of “our experience is our teacher”.

The active participation of the members made this session very interactive and meaningful.

May be an image of 2 people, people standing and text that says "The International Association of Lions Club (Lions Club International) District 325 A2, M.D. 325, Nepal Leo Club of Kathmandu Kohinoor MEMBERS CHECK-IN AND FUN SESSION ALL with Leo Merina Silwal 2nd Vice President Leo Aagya Shrestha Secretary Leo Club of Kathmandu Kohinoor 24th July, 2021 Saturday Time: 7:00 PM 8:00 PM Google Meet LIONS L INTERNATIONAL DIVERSIT Serve TeamDream 900 MD.S25,Nopsl"

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