Kheer Distribution Program

On the 25th of September 2021, the Leo Club of Kathmandu Kohinoor organized a Kheer Distribution Program at OCCED Nepal located at Rudramati Marg, Kathmandu. The program though small was an effort to appreciate children.

The program included a snack of kheer and potato. This was followed by a distribution of fruits and concluded by a simple game for recreation.

Various members of the club supported the event by sponsoring various aspects. The snack was jointly sponsored by Leo Abhinav Joshi, Leo Abhishek Joshi & Leo Pranay Pradhan followed by the fruits which was sponsored by Leo Nitesh Shrestha. Finally the game “Burst the Balloon” was sponsored and facilitated by Leo Yajana Subedi. We are thankful to the OCCED Nepal family for having us and to Ms. Anusha Manandhar, the Admin Head of OCCED for mangaging everything for us.

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