Plantation Program- “Every Tree Counts”

The Plantation Program with the theme of “Every Tree Counts” was organized by the Leo Club of Kathmandu Kohinoor at the Bottle House,Pharping. The program focused on the protection, preservation and promotion of the environment while providing the lesson that grand projects are not the only way to protect the environment and that even small steps taken towards the cause is vital. The plantation program was organized as a part of the Charter Day of the club which was on the 18th of September, 2021.

There were total of 9 people who participated in this program. The club during the program received a total of 35 plants (orange, rudrakhshya, aamba, Kapoor, different flowers etc) from the Forest Division, Hattisar.

Upon arrival, a short orientation by the representative from the Bottle House to guide us all. The students from the local school helped and assisted in the program which greatly benefitted the program leading it to a grand success. The students and the school will also look after the plants in the future.

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