Learner’s Room: A Path to Wisdom Phase 2.0

From the 20th to 23rd of December 2021, a delegation of the Leo Club of Kathmandu Kohinoor and Pustakalaya APU jointly visited Shree Shiva Saraswati Madhyamik Bidhyalaya located in Rishing, Tanahun for the second phase of the library project known as “Learner’s Room: A Path to Wisdom”. As a part of the project, with the goal of ensuring sustainability to the library built by us in the first phase during this visit which was under planning for about 2 months, the representatives of the two organizations focused on the improvement of library infrastructure, raising awareness regarding libraries, interaction via music, scholarship distribution to the needy and mainly emphasized on the importance of developing a reading culture.

The team led by the Co-founder of Pustakalaya APU Ms. Rashi Maharjan & Club President Leo Abhinav Joshi composed of many club members and was later on joined by popular singer Rachana Dahal & her friends. With the goals of the project in mind, various books and stationary materials were donated to the library along with an interaction with the school authorities to ensure proper communication and sustainability of the project.

In addition the the donations, scholarship and such activities, members of the club also conducted various session among the students of grade 7 & 8 to promote reading culture among them. Likewise, the singer Ms. Rachana Dahal also sponsored 4 guitars to donate as a part of the project to encourage learning music. In addition, the project also provided a small support in the form of scholarship to 7 different students.Overall, the project was a grand success.

The club president Leo Abhinav and Pustakalaya APU Co-founder Ms. Rashi had stated in a interview with Damauli news, an online news portal of the area ” This is just the first library of our project. We plan to attempt to build and sustain many more such libraries in the days to come in various parts of Nepal to develop reading culture among the students.”

We would like to thank all the supporters big and small who helped make our dream become a reality.

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