Alka- Kohinoor Fellowship Program

On the occasion of the “International Leo Day 2021”, the Leo Club of Kathmandu Kohinoor and the Leo Club of Kathmandu Alka jointly organized the “Alka- Kohinoor Fellowship Program”. Held virtually via Google Meet, the program was aimed at acquainting the members of each club with one another and strengthening the bonds of fellowship between the two mentioned leo families.

The event was facilitated by Leo Aagya Shrestha (Ktm Kohinoor) & Leo Pratikshya Adhikari (Ktm Alk). As a part of the program, the first half included the introduction of each member followed by a fun & interactive game called “2 Truths, 1 Lie” and concluded with a “Talent Show”.

We thank all the members from both of the leo families who attended the program. Let us all grow together and further strengthen the bonds of fellowship in the days to come.


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